Diego Gonzalez


Instagram: @ diego_tattooer
Twitter: @diego_tattoo
Shop: Graceland Tattoo 2648 East Main Street, Wappingers Falls, New York. Contact for booking info at 845-297-3001

My name is Diego Gonzalez, i just go by Diego. I’ve been tattooing since 1998 , so its been like 14 years. I’m originally from Uruguay thats where i started my carrier . I haven’t had a formal apprenticeship. I moved to the States in 2000 and after a few years i met Paul Martinez , he gave me a chance at his shop , eventually we open a shop together , i learned a lot from him , i mean, pretty much everything. He’s like a mentor , but he won’t admit to it . I know some people say “im self taught ” but i dont believe it , no body figured this out by them selves alone , you know ? . After Paul moved away i decided to close my shop and join the team at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls NY , where I Have resided for the last 4 years.

Im not sure how to describe “my style, I dont think I have one , I like to do all types of stuff , I guess if I have to give it adjectives It will be Versatile , Legible, I like my work to be easy to read. Appealing, I want to cater to a wide range of people not just a certain demographic. I like smooth transitions. Fluent , i want my work to flow with the body. Mmm that sums it up.

I use to do a lot of mix media mostly photoshop , I’ve been doing some oil painting for some time now , i don’t do it as often as i would like , i gotta find that time . Recently im trying some water colors

My goals for the near future is going to more conventions and interacting more with fellow artists, i want to learn more about japanese tattooing and culture.

My life mission is to keep pushing forward, don’t look back , stay in my course. Simple rules to follow.


One thought on “Diego Gonzalez

  1. Your art is absolutely amazing! It seems like the images are popping off of the page. The color are rich, lines are clean, and the shading adds texture. I’m still clean (no tats) but your definitely in the running to be my 1st!

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